Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Release Day

It's finaly here - Release Day.

It's official.

Center Stage is now available everywhere (almost.) Find it on:

Barnes and Noble,


or at All Romance eBooks. (Shh, still free here for the day, maybe longer.)

May be few weeks before it is available at ibooks, Diesel, Kobo, and others.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Torrent Downloading

Credit: searchcopy.blogspot.com

A few days ago I received an email from google alerts with the keywords "Ellison + James" in the search criteria.

Upon opening the email to view the stats, I learned something new - there is a place where one can download material offered free or otherwise, called Torrent.

Now, it just so happens, the story of mine listed on this site is one I already offer free, so it was no big deal.

And now for the really weird part -- I wouldn't probably not care if I saw all of my work on this site. Sure, I want to be properly compensated for the work I perform in creating a story, the cost of covers, editing, or whatever other items I must pay for in order to sell my work on the open market, but am unaffected by someone coming into possession of my material unlawfully.

In fact, the way I look at it, I want to get my books into as many hands as possible. There is always the chance that just a few of those scammers will actually read my material. Still fewer might actually like what they read and want more. If this process gains me just one more fan, I'm happy.

Even if that one fan continues to obtain my work illegally, they might tell one of their friends about my work, and that friend may actually decide to purchase something with real money. So, in the end, a gain for me

So, if you've come across my work under whatever means, please do not hesitate to email me and give me your thoughts. Consider my free work payment in advance for the word of mouth advertising you will give me in the future.

Of course, like any other author working hard to protect their intellectual property, I loathe those that take my work and try to resell it, passing it off as their own. Fortunately, I have not personally had such an experience but know some that have.

One last thing. Okay maybe two. I love to hear from readers, even if they are not completely satisfied with a story (Praise makes me happy but criticism can make me a better writer) so write away. Also, I love to get my stories out there, so if you have purchased something of mine in the past, I would be more than happy to work with you in obtaining (free, if necessary) the rest of my library.

One last thing. I will post here on 26 February to make the announcement of the official release of my latest story, Center Stage, along with links for purchase everywhere. But, if you look for it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords, or All Romance eBooks, you might find it now, as they are processing the book as of now.

Thank you

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shh, It's a Secret

I would like to reveal a secret to those few subscribing and/or following my website; I am offering a beta-reader copy of my latest erotic story FREE!

Just follow this link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/288165 

All I ask in return is that you might consider leaving a review if you liked the story. If you find need for changes that you would like to suggest, please email me.

This story is not offered for public sale yet so those visiting my page get the first crack at a new 17K word story. Soon, I will add this story together with Window Treatment and All the Right Places to make a trilogy of sorts.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013


On Valentine's day she thinks  to herself as she runs the washcloth across the evening dishes. The late sun streams into the window at a low angle, stinging her sore and tired eyes. She thinks of what she might have said, what she might have written if she'd just taken the time to think things through before slamming the door in his face.

If we could just start over tonight
Without the arguments, without the fights.
I'd be yours and you, mine
Our love stretching beyond the end of time.
I know that your out there now, somewhere all alone
Is there some way you'd just sense my thoughts and come home?
Oh how I long to feel you again, with me, on me and in me.
I remember we were good together, weren't we?
Please come back to me and spend the night
If you give me the chance, I'll make things right.
If we could just start over tonight
Without the arguments, without the fights.
The sound of the door latch startled her and she turned. He was there, on his knees, flowers in his hand and tears in his eyes. He stood and they embraced. Her body became light, as if she was suddenly free of a great weight. In that embrace, she knew she was forgiven, and she was loved unconditionally.