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Lexi's Run is the story of how Alexis Califan and Kyle Frost meet and fall in love. This novel also explains just how Kyle becomes a shape-shifting werewolf.

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Lovestruck succubus Azra is a demon succubus with a mortal problem. She has a driving desire to experience love like mortals but her ways and her needs keep getting in the way-that is, until she meets Raif Lungren. But Raif has secrets of his own and their growing love for each other could be their undoing.
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Pleasure Doing Business is an erotic short (approx 16K words)
Three friends from high school are reunited to help build the business of Michelle.

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All the Right Places is a continuation of the story in Window Treatment. In this story, Wendy Parker and her boyfriend, Rick, travel to Seoul South Korea on business. Wendy increases her desire for sex in public in new and exciting ways. But hold on, there's even a romantic twist in this story. You'll just have to read it to find out.

Window Treatment A lurid tale of voyeurism, exhibitionism, mutual pleasure and self pleasure.


The Fifth Beauty is a short tale of how Azra, the main character from Lovestruck Succubus influenced ancient China in her own special way.

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The Cusp of Libra
Fantasy League

Tight End