Saturday, May 27, 2017


Wow, has it really been a year since my last post? I suppose I've been in some kind of self-imposed isolation.

Well, not really self-imposed. I must admit to the shallowness and self-doubt of authors, myself included. At the height of production for me, I was part of a small group of other authors gathered together in mutual support. That group has since dissipated and I, as with the other I'm sure, moved on to other more pressing matters in life.

One should know that I have not stopped writing. I'm still working on several projects. "Feast of Fools" is still in development and will introduce a new character into the Immortal Desires series. Her name is Kaliska, and even though she is rather small in stature, she may be the baddest, most deranged character yet. Of course, Azra is still growing within her story as she lives among a demon werewolf pack in northern Georgia and prepares for the coming war. I'm still kicking around a story that keeps calling to me and then running away about a woman that finds she is an integral part of greek myth after being swept through a portal to the land of Atlantis.

So, I'm still working but relying solely on my own will and motivation to move forward. Of course, it must be said that writers in general are not the greatest at providing their own motivation.

Anyone care to join me to provide mutual motivation and kick ideas around? Just find me on twitter or facebook, or leave a message here.