Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Phooey on Revision

To offer a revised addition or not, that is the question.

For the last few months I've been working on revising some of my older stories. Oddly though, the work I was revising (or, attempting to revise) was a work I offer free titled "The Fifth Beauty." Problem is this story has suffered an average three-star rating, and some of the comments for this story are just downright disrespectful.

Yes, I understand that, especially when a work is offered free, many people will download the story and read it without realizing just what kind of story they are reading.  It kind of puts me into a fix because I take these reviews seriously. I want everything I offer, whether it is for sale or free, to be the best I can create.

Well, after struggling with the thought of changing the aforementioned story, I finally gave up and said, poo on revising this, or any story.

I believe my efforts could be better directed working on new material  and making this the best I can. I believe all writers grow and change, and it shows in the stories they write. My writing style has changed but I'm afraid of putting out something new and having it seen as too different or not as good and other material.

This fear causes a kind of paralysis or stagnation in my writing. Of course, I do not want that to happen so this is my mantra from now on. When in doubt, I will just begin writing something new and exciting. I will hope that others will find my stories new and exciting but will write what I want to write without allowing myself to become mired in the sticky goo of trying to achieve mass acceptance.

What do think, readers? If an author you read offers a revised addition to a story, do you give it a read or pass because you've already read the original story?