Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cover Concept: Your Thoughts?

I'm nearing completion of my most recent work in progress. This is a story of Michelle, an up-and-coming force in the intimates/lingerie business. She getting ready to break into the big time with her new line and her expansion plans.

Michelle calls on two friends from high school, Reshonda and David, to help her in this scheme to topple the big houses. These two friends left their small town to tackle the business world after high school - and tackle it, they did! They are now both corporate spies, working the business underworld.

Growing up, the three were misfits, nobodies, outcasts. Michelle was the slightly overweight Hispanic girl, only recognized by others when her breasts developed early. Reshonda was the tall, skinny, black girl with no breasts at all, and too light-skinned to fit into any of the cliques. David was the unknowing football star but awkward in every other way. He was tall and lanky and pointy all over with wild hair and an acne problem. But how were these three really connected. A little history. Michelle and Reshonda experimented with their sexuality in high school but It was David that finally took Michelle's virginity. Rehsonda always had a thing for David, in kind of a love hate sort of way. Now they are all back together again. Reshonda and Michelle have kept in touch over the years, But David went overseas and had not been seen since.

Now they've all grown up in every way.

Both Reshonda and David are called by Michelle and agree to help her in her campaign.

Even though the story is about Michelle, it is told through the point of view of Reshonda. Reshonda knows that David is a corporate spy. Michelle knows that Reshonda is a corporate spy but Reshonda is not sure if Michelle knows about David's career choice. As soon as Reshonda finds out that David is helping on the campaign with her, she immediately decides that she must protect Michelle and manipulate David using her corporate spy specialty of sexual manipulation and interrogation ...  uh, er, persuasion.

David proves to be a tough nut to crack (no pun intended) as all of Reshonda's efforts to make David putty in her hands seem to backfire.

Through this short (12K word) erotic story, the three characters engage in trysts, sexual manipulation, and the reliving of high school fantasies. But, in the end, who has the upper hand? Could it be that Michelle had the whole thing planned from the beginning?

This story incorporates aspects of lesbian erotica, interracial, voyeurism, BBW, menage a trios, and light BDSM. I know it seems like there is a lot packed into this but it just kind of fell into place according to the character's personalities. I'm hoping it works, but you'll have to be the judge.

Please comment on my concept for a cover. Tell me what you like, what you don't like. Suggest changes and desires. The photo for this is stock from istock, and I have not yet purchased. If I make a final choice for this cover, I will purchase the appropriate stock.


  1. I think it's a grabber, Ellison. I do, I do.

  2. Thanks Tammy. I'm still working on the novels, but I've decided to take a detour into the pure erotica genre. You what they say, sex sells!


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