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Making a Werewolf

For those of you who have read my novel Lovestruck Succubus you know that the story begins with Azra's quest to find a loving relationship like the mortals she feeds upon with each attempt ending in death of the mortal man ... until she's cornered by Raif, but he's not so mortal.

Those of you who have not read the novel, might I suggest you give it a try.

What's Raif's secret to survival against Azra? Why, he's a werewolf, of course! He is a werewolf of my own making - more of a were shapeshifter, but in my mind, a werewolf nonetheless. Where did this strange shapeshifting were come from? The answer is simple. years of myth and legend.

A little werewolf history ...

Werewolves, in their current form have been around since the medieval times or the dark ages. Wolves became so large and overpopulated that unbelieving souls would think they had to be some kind of half-human half-wolf creature that would steal their livestock, and children, in the night.

Werewolves remained popular in children's fables and literature but real popularity came in 1935, when Universal made the movie "Werewolf of London" the first werewolf horror film. Back then, Werewolves were restricted to shifting during full moons, and could be taken out by a silver bullet. Really anything with silver was believed to work. In fact, The Werewolf in "Werewolf of London" was killed with a silver-tipped cane.

Nowadays, Werewolves can be beastly creatures, or humanoids with the ability to shift whenever they desire. In the Twilight series, Jacob was more of a were-shifter than a Werewolf. I like the depiction of the Werewolf as a shapeshifter able to shift into full-wolf form at will. Some people will disagree, but I like that Werewolves have been shown as teenagers, survivalists, and even romantic heroes and heroines in the recent past.

My Werewolf, my way ...

In my Immortal Desires series, Werewolves come in two classes. First, there are the naturals - those Werewolves born of other Werewolves. Second, are the ferals - those werewolves that began their life like everyone else, and were turned into a Werewolf through some form of blood transfer from another Werewolf.

I like the distinction because I believe that there is no such things as a classless society. There will always be the haves, and the have-nots, The oppressed, and the oppressors. Of course, I designed a flaw in my Werewolf class system. For instance, what if a natural creates a feral, and later, that feral has a child with another feral or natural - doesn't much matter at this point. That child would be a natural. Yes, I know this may create tension and conflict within my Werewolf society, but that is what makes a great story.

Family lineage is very important in my Werewolf society. The Alpha is normally determined through succession and is mated to a female of equal lineage. The mating is usually through arrangement between families, and is binding for the rest of their Werewolf lives. Which brings me to my next thought. My werewolves have immortal abilities but they age and die like mortals.

How can my Werewolves be killed? Well, not by a single silver bullet, but they can be killed. You'll just have to read my series to find out how. How they are killed (before their natural time) has much to do with how they were originally created.

How were my Werewolves created, you might ask? Think Van Helsing, Bram Stoker's Dracula, and Underworld thrown into a blender and left on frappe for a minute or two.

Now, be careful reading here. Because if you think too hard, you might just see my future series come full-circle before the remaining books are completed.

My Werewolves, Shapeshifters, however you choose to label them, were created in ancient times by Demons. Yes, Azra, my Demon Succubus, is part of those beings that created the first Werewolf. Demons created a kind of virus that they put into just a couple of humans in a time few can remember. They did this in attempt to rid the world of humans, Why, because the world was once populated by Spirits. Some call them Angels. When humans came along, some of these Angels took on the task of controlling human population and growth. The Demons were not happy with the task they had been given and figured, if they could be really efficient in ridding the Earth of mortals, they would again, be allowed to reclaim their status as Angels. They figured the best way to get rid of mortals was to get them to kill each other off.

Only, their plan did not work as well as they thought. the Lycanthropic virus they created simply did not propagate quickly enough and the Werewolf population never gained a strong foothold. So, The Demons just tolerated the Werewolf ever since. And, since the Werewolf was created by Demons, they were, for the most part, immune to some of the Demon powers.

My Werewolves do have the ability to shift at will, and in any form between human and wolf. The first shift occurs on the first full moon after infection. On this first shift, my characters shift into full wolf form and must hunt and take their first kill. From this point on, my Werewolves will need to shift occasionally and hunt in order to tame their wild nature. When they try to withhold the shift, it can happen slowly and painfully. If they plan to shift into full wolf form (the form they take in order to run fast or hone in on prey by smell alone) must remove their clothing or it will be ripped from their bodies.

Sex? Yes, please. My Werewolves can have sex just like a normal person, but they have the option of shifting into any form from human to wolf during the act. Nothing like a little freaky Werewolf sex to liven things up.

So, there it is, Werewolves as I see them. Werewolves interacting with Demons, or at least, one Demon Succubus. If you think you might like my brand of Werewolf, Try my novel. And, please, if you like it, let me know. I love to interact with readers. In fact, one reader told me they were interested in the relationship between Joe and Lexi Johnson, my tracker/hunter team of Werewolves. The comment grew into a story idea, and soon I will publish the story of how Alexis and Joseph met and fell in love.

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