Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday

After I posted the first scene of a work in progress last week, I've decided to include a new scene weekly and call it my WIP Wednesday.

Last week I introduced Lexi (Alexis Paulina Califan) in a new story. Some of you may recognize the name from a previous story. In this first scene, I establish that Lexi is part of a pack or clan of shape shifting werewolves. they live in northern Georgia and maintain their secret by hiding in plain site. Alexis has been chosen by her parents to be mated to Leonidas, the pack's future Alpha. she's not happy about it and argues with her parents before storming out of the house and to large apple storage barn on the other side of the property.

In this next scene, I introduce Leonidas as he finds her in the apple storage barn and tries to have his way with her.

Alexis barely heard the creaking door over her own sobbing. She turned to the sound but remained crouching in the dark corner behind stacks of apple crates. A shadow moved across the ground and she knew it was Leo before he came into view. As he cornered the row of apple crates, she jumped up to a standing position. She attempted to quickly brush her hands across her face and hide the evidence of her sobbing.
"I was walking by and heard someone inside, so I decided to check it out," Leo said, a smirk forming and creasing the edges of his mouth.
"Bullshit Leo. You knew my parents were breaking the news to me, and you wanted to see my reaction."
"Breaking the news?" Leo said, his question more rhetorical and snide, then honest. "Come on, you had to have known about your family's plans since we were children."
"I never really thought they were serious. Besides, you should be mating up with one of the girls clamoring over you instead of hoping for something that will never happen."
"Oh, it is going to happen." Leo stepped forward, his six-foot frame filling the small space between the high stacks of apple crates, and blocking off her only exit. "Whether it is official or unofficial, now or later, we will be mated."
Alexis tensed and scowled at him. "You only think you can get away with anything because of your daddy. If it weren't for him, you would've been put down years ago for your poor--"
Leo stepped forward and backhanded Alexis, sending her sideways against a stack of crates. "Bitch, you leave my father out of this." He moved to her as he spoke, pushing her to the dusty ground. He was on top of her before she could react, ripping at her blouse, and cursing in her ear.
"You want to play tough? We can play tough." Leo pulled at her sleeve until she heard the threads ripping free. "I think we will be mated sooner rather than later."
Leo pinned Alexis down with one hand to her throat while he grabbed at her breast with his other hand. Alexis was stunned, in shock, her body started to go numb, preparing to give in to what was happening. Then, as Leo squeezed her breast to the point of pain, something snapped inside her. Fear and resignation gave way to anger, and prompted her to shift--not completely, but at some mid-point between human and wolf. In the next instant, more through instinct then conscious thought, she swatted him away and rolled over on top of him. His shift came nearly as quick, but now she had him by the throat, and she squeezed until his breathing turned to gurgling sounds. He batted violently at her but she continued to squeeze his throat with all her strength, kneeling with her knees against his shoulders, until his eyes rolled back and he became motionless beneath her.
Leo had shifted back to human form, his black hair already slick with sweat. Alexis slowly released her grip around his neck and checked to make sure he still had a pulse. She heard him breathing low, rough, and raspy, and he had a pulse. That is when the real fear struck Alexis. Leo was still alive. He would likely recover soon and run to tell his father what happened. Of course, he would leave out the part of him attacking her, trying to force himself on her. His father, and everyone else, to include her own parents, would take his side and she would still be mated to Leo in the end.
Alexis ran.
She stormed through the wooden door of the storage warehouse, racking it so hard against the outside wall. It broke off its hinges, falling flat on the ground behind her. She was not sure where she was running to, or even why she was running; she just needed to get away. Tears blurred her vision and cooled her cheeks as she ran out of the orchard with her purse, flapping behind her like a kite on a string. Surprised the straps were still intact around her shoulder, she stretched her legs and found firm purchase on the asphalt covered street, increasing her speed. in the next moment, she was in the town square. A taxi sat alone along the curb. She stopped, opened the back passenger door, and got in.
"Where to?" The cab driver turned in his seat, an expectant look on his face.
"How can I get to Atlanta?" Alexis asked. Atlanta seemed as good a place as any.
"There's a Greyhound goes there from the station south of Dalton twice a week."
"Then take me to the Greyhound station."
The driver sat there looking at her with that same expectant look on his face until she pulled her wallet out of her purse, flashing her credit card. Then he turned back around, made a radio call, and did a u-turn in the street, pointing the car west, out of Ellijay.
I hope you enjoyed this scene. As always, please feel free to leave comments or offer suggestions. Stay tuned for more story excerpts, and look for this project as a whole when it is finished.

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