Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday

This week, I've skipped ahead just a little to introduce the next character, Norman "Knuckles" Nelson, a local crime boss that takes a liking to Alexis, and wants her to dance in the Pink Pony Bar and Grill. Unfortunately, Joe Johnson also meets Knuckles as he picks him up as a new skip.

Hope you enjoy this weeks post. I may be skipping around a little more as the week progress since I may be done with the draft to this story soon. After that, I would like to continue posting little snippets of the story until it is published, or I have other stories to reveal.

The next day, despite not having a job to go to, Joe woke up with the Sun, just after five in the morning. Last night's skip securely in jail and no chance of getting hold of Jake for his money until he opened his bail bond office at ten, he was forced to cook a hearty breakfast and clean his apartment from top to bottom just to pass the time. Finally, the apartment reeking of pine oil, and the air conditioning already straining against the late morning heat, he checked the clock and swept his skip ticket off the table and bolted out the door to his truck.
"Damn dude, you spend the night in a pine forest or something," Jake said the moment Joe came through the door.
"Now you know what clean smells like," Joe responded. "You know, your office could use a little GI detail."
"Yeah right, you gonna do it?"
"You're a big time bondsman. Hire yourself a maid."
"I'm not that big time," Jake said with a snicker. "What brings you here today? You looking for more information on Lefty?"
"No need. I brought him to the station last night." Joe handed Jake his prisoner ticket from the police station. "Just coming by to get paid."
"Damn Joe, that was the fastest pick up I've seen," Jake said, as he worked the dial on his big freestanding safe.
"I got lucky," Joe said. Found him in the first place I checked."
"Funny," Jake said as he handed Joe a small stack of bills. "They're usually in the last place you check."
"I caught him hassling some woman in an alley by the Pink Pony. I just strapped him up and brought him in, was back to my apartment by midnight."
Joe counted the money and stuffed it in his pants pocket. He took a hard look at Jake, staring until he started shuffling his feet.
"What," Jake said. "The money's all there, isn't it?"
Joe said, "Yeah, it's all there." He turned to leave but stopped short. He just had to ask.
"Look, Jake. I know you just paid me for a skip, but you got anything else?"
Jake stared at him for a moment, then said, "Lefty was a pretty big score. Why don't you take a break. Spend some of that money. You're gonna wear yourself down taking one skip after another, Joe. Why don't you save some energy for your full time gig?"
Joe looked down at his shoes. "I don't have a full time gig. I got laid off yesterday. Boss said they have to downsize with the economy and all."
"Damn, I'm sorry to hear that, Joe." Jake put his hand to his chin, looking like he was considering something, and then pulled a file from the top of a stack of papers on his desk. "I just got this new skip in, but it's a risk."
"You know me, Jake. I'm all about the risk." Joe held out his hand for the file. "What was bail on this one?"
Jake handed him the file and said, "a million."
"A million dollar bail?" Joe had to force himself not to cough as he said it. "That's a hundred-thousand dollar skip ticket. Who is this guy?"
His name is Norman Taylor but most know him as Knuckles."
"Knuckles? What is it about thugs and stupid nicknames?" Joe forced a laugh, but he knew with a million dollar bail, this skip wouldn't be easy.
"This one's no joke. He's kind of the local crime boss. He's had his hands in everything from extortion to murder." Jake continued while Joe thumbed through the file. "He never goes anywhere without protection, and he's known for recruiting ex-military baddies like you. Are you okay with that, Joe?"
"A hundred thousand could pay off all my Mom's medical bills. Hell yeah I'm okay with it."
"I don't doubt you could bring Knuckles in on your own," Jake said. "You just have to know that you may have to go through a former teammate to get to him."
"I got no heartache taking out a rogue operator if he's he's between me and a hundred thousand. I need this, Jake."
"Just be careful with this one, Joe." Jake put a hand on his shoulder. "You'll have to take your time on this one, be smart, catch him without all his protection."
"No problem," Joe said. "Just have my money ready when I come to collect." He leaned in and gave Jake a big man hug, slapping his back hard, before leaving his office, full of energy and restored hope.

As with my other stories, I've spent the first three chapters building characters, and establishing relationships. In future scenes, one can expect the action and suspense to increase in alternating paths until I have to reveal some secrets.

Hope you enjoyed this week's work in progress post. As usual, comments, critiques, bitches, and especially encouragement, is welcomed.

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