Thursday, July 4, 2013

Still in the World

Has it really been that long? Well, I may have disappeared for a time  but just wanted all my readers to know I am still here. For the last several months writing has taken a back seat to home repairs and a flurry of summertime activities.

A storm in spring tore half the roof from my house so that had to be replaced. We are still in the process of having our windows replaced. Our home has a rock face (not a fa├žade, but real rock) so window replacement has taken three visits so far and there will be more after the rain passes.

Fear not, for I am currently working diligently on my next story. This one promises to be more fantasy and less erotic that what some might have grown familiar with from me. This is a story of love, hate, chance, rescue, faults, and redemption between a 1920's air mail flyer, a forest nymph, and an ogre. Surely not your typical high fantasy but, in true Ellison James fashion, full of paranormal wonder and history in a world made believable on a base of fact.

So, stay tuned, and for those reading this blog article in America, happy Independence Day!

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  1. Super excited to read it. You always come up with the best ideas.


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