Thursday, January 21, 2016

Back From the Nether

"Hello, It's me. I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet."

Lyrics from a popular song seem the best way to begin. I cannot believe how much time has passed since I last posted to this blog. Upon this realization I feared I'd been absent too long. And, in my absence, my readers and fans went elsewhere.

So, now I begin the journey anew. I will start from the great hole I've put myself into and claw my way upwards. Upwards towards the starry night. Upwards into the cool light of the moon.

Yes, I have been wandering but not without reason. Along with the writing I like in other genres, I've decided to make my way back to open-door fantasy. So, for those of you who've stayed with me, I thank you and will have more for you to read soon. For those new to my works, hold on--it's getting better and more fantastic, more romantic, more dark, more fueled by sensuous encounters, and even raw, unbridled lust.

There will be some changes and additions to this web page as well as my presence on other social media. So relax, pour yourself a cup of the blackest tea, and enjoy the ride.


  1. Thank you for commenting. Yes, I have much work to do.

  2. Hello from the other side. ;) Missed you, friend. We've both been away too long.

  3. Summer Ellis, I missed the motivation you provided me. I had not heard from you in so long, I thought you'd been swept out to sea. I been trying to be different kind of writer but it is time to return what has worked for me in the past. It's time to get back to work and enjoy writing whatever fantastical, romantic, smutty, erotic, or sweet story that begs me to be written.


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