Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Lovestruck Succubus" Receives 4 of 5 stars!

Lovestruck Succubus recently received its first "official" review.

The review was performed by Manic Readers, an unbiased site that reviews books from indie and mainstream authors. Stacy from Manic Readers gave Lovestruck Succubus four stars - not bad for a first novel in the genre.

Some of the positive comments:

"Lovestruck Succubus is an intriguing mystery novel with a twist—the line between the good guys and bad guys is blurred and dragged into the world of mythology, which itself is full of uncertainty."

"The descriptions are vivid and the world almost seems to come to life."

I am very happy with these comments, but in the course of honesty, the review also stated that the characters seemed a little flat and singular in their purpose. That's something I will most definitely work on for the sequel, although, in this particular story, I did give them singularity in purpose in order to better define their changing motives because of the supernatural abilities of Azra. Nonetheless, in the sequel, I will work on making my characters really come to life, while adding a few new characters carrying wrenches to throw into the plans of others.

The review did end by stating that, with a little more character development, the story would be extraordinary!

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