Monday, May 2, 2011

Coming Soon - Window Treatment

Hang in there! It won't be long now. My latest spicy story "Window Treatment" is due for release in the next few weeks.

Wendy finds herself caught in an escalating spiral of voyeurism and exhibitionism when she mistakingly catches her across the street neighbors in an intimate moment. She cannot help but watch as they make passionate love, and soon finds she has a growing need of her own to fulfill.

Problem is, when she finally looks up from her self pleasure, she finds the two in the apartment across from her staring at her through a telescope and enjoying her solo activities. Well, two can play at this game, she thinks, and proceeds to buy a telescope of her own in hopes of catching them at their own dirty game and embarrassing them into minding their own business.

But, when she sets everything up and turns on the lights to announce she is watching them, it only seems to fuel their exhibitionism. Time to bring in the big guns. The next day, when her boyfriend returns from a business trip, she plans on putting on a little show of her own.

At some point, she really cannot remember when, the game becomes an addiction as she rushes home each night in hopes of watching the couple or performing with her boyfriend in front of them.

Just where is all of this leading to?

As you can see, I'm still working on the blurb. Good news is I may decide to offer this work free on Smashwords for a limited time. After that, it will go on sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and everywhere.

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