Tuesday, April 12, 2011

See What I'm Saying?

We've all heard about how every person learns or responds to stimulation in a different way. Some are visual, thus the expression "see what I'm saying." Some are kinesthetic and might talk about feelings. Others are more aural and either want to voice their opinions or learn through hearing.

Where am I going with all of this? Well, I want to ask readers how they respond to stimulation. I'm currently working on a story I will call "Window Treatment" about a woman who mistakingly sees a naked man in an apartment across from hers. My character, We'll call her Melissa for now, cannot help but continue to watch this hunky man as he engages in intimate activities with all the curtains open. This watching, or voyeurism leads to some very arousing stimulation on Melissa's part, and she engages in a little self-stimulation prompted by what she sees.

She realizes that the man knows she is watching at some point, and is even more turned on by the fact that her neighbors know, and continue in their activities. This brings on her competitive nature, and she soon involves her boyfriend in the action, purchases a telescope to match the one the other couple are using to watch her, and ups the anty by engaging in increasingly raucious activity such as plastering herself against the window while engaged in, I'll just say, intimate relations. This continues until things are just about to get out of hand.

But all of this leads to questions. We all know that men are very visual stimulated, but what about women. Surely, a woman can look at a man, and be aroused by what she sees.

What say you, readers? Would you find spying on someone in their intimate moments arousing, or disgusting? Is this a fantasy you might enjoy reading about? Tell me your thoughts.

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