Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Help Me With a Name?

I recently pulled an old project out of my files and became re-energized by the story. The only thing is that I had originally wanted to title this story "Atlantis Awakening" but found that title was already taken. Now I'm looking for help in coming up with a title.

Story titles are very important to me, and my story  often follows (more or less) along the path eluded to by the title I choose. So, let me explain a little bit of what this story will be about, a concept, if you will, to help you help me with a wonderful title.

The story is told (third person) mainly through the point of view of Chloe. She is a pasty-pink-skinned woman of Irish descent. She has always struggle with her weight but is comfortable in her own body. She is also recently divorced from a man who could not understand her career desires and personal needs. Chloe is an oceanographic geologist, and has worked hard to be accepted to take part in a study of the waters off the coast of Greece.

The story opens with Chloe suiting up and diving into the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. While searching the unusual rock formations between the Islands of Crete and Santorini, she is attracted to a luminescent veil at the entrance to an underwater cave. upon approaching the cave, she is swept into it and the veil closes behind her as she is drawn by a strong current, deeper into the cave. She is knocked unconscious and, when she awakens, she is on the shore of a strange Island, and is rescued from a band of natives by a tall bronze-skinned man on a large white horse. Of course, she soon realizes she has landed in another time on the continent of Atlantis. The man, Evenor, tends to her as her wounds heal and then guides her on long journey to meet his mother, the queen and ruler as he desires to take Chloe as his mate.  Cloe is only interested in finding her way back to her own time and place  but begins to develop feelings for Evenor as they journey, and survive numerous obstacles. Their travels are hampered by strange weather events, and Evenorblames the God, Poseidon for their troubles.

Upon arriving in the capitol city, Chloe and Evenor not only find the queen, but Poseidon himself. Although the others are in fear and awe of Poseidon, Chloe sees his chariot in the clouds as a simple hovercraft powered by steam. After much debate and argument, the truth is revealed that Poseidon is, himself a victim of the strange veil. He merely came from a time further in the future than Chloe. His name is actually pronounced something more like: Pos i (first name) Don i (last name) but the natives simply called him what they can pronounce.

Now, in true romance fashion, Poseidon takes a liking to Chloe and decides he wants for himself. This sets up a nasty love triangle between Chloe, Evenor, and Poseidon. I won't give away the end but, if you have read anything about Atlantis according to Plato, then you might be able to guess what happens. Just a hint: Chloe becomes Cleito.

The only alternate name for this story I've come up with so far is, "Chloe's Odyssey." Kind of a play on the Lliad or Homer's Odyssey since she must make a journey. Keep in mind that this novel, in true Ellison James writing style, will have at least some erotic elements, along with explorations of Goddess worship, Female empowerment, Lesbian or bi-sexual acts, interracial, and BBW. It also crosses genre lines between Romance, Erotica, Fantasy, and Science Fiction.

So, what do you think? Have any great title ideas?

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