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Progress Report

I must admit, I'm not the most prolific writer in the world. I've been promising (working on) a new story using the main characters, Wendy and Rick, from the short erotic piece, Window Treatment. In the first story, the reader is introduced to Wendy Parker, a graphic artist working for a major corporation. One evening, Wendy happens to be looking out her window and sees her neighbors across the street engaging in some lovemaking. Despite her best efforts, she becomes so aroused by them that, in the absence of her boyfriend, who is on a business trip, decides to take matters into her own hands.

She becomes so enthralled in her own passion that see does not see that the couple see was watching has now finished and are watching her! She's embarrassed and bitter, and vows to give them a taste of their own medicine. What ensues is increasing exhibitionism and voyeurism culminating in her putting on a show at the window when her boyfriend comes home.

In this next story, Wendy has been invited to Seoul, South Korea for the possibility of a huge contract with the Samsung corporation. She has done well enough as a graphic artist to go freelance. Rick has since quit his job to become her agent and business partner. Rick has come along with her and they view this trip as a kind of "mini vacation" even though it is all business. Of course, Rick has some secret plans of his own, as he has been to Seoul before. This scene begins as they arrive at the hotel to find out it is the Ritz-Carlton. The Samsung corporation is really taking care of them. Wendy has really come to enjoy having sex in public places. It is the thought of being seen or caught that excites her most. Please be advised that this scene contains graphic depictions of sex and is meant for adult audiences.


My jaw literally fell open when the driver pulled the car under the covered portico of the Ritz-Carlton hotel. I had assumed the Samsung corporation would put us up in an economy-class hotel, but this was ... This was the Ritz-Carlton! Bright crystal chandeliers lined the overhang, and glass-covered gas lamps cast a romantic glow across the large glass revolving door.

"I know you're impressed," Rick said. "But, be careful not to scrape your jaw on the sidewalk when you get out of the car." Rick chuckled and grabbed my hand, as he guided me through the open car door.
The driver had opened the door so quickly; I had to look to the front of the car just to make sure he had put it in park.

"Miss Barker," the driver continued to mispronounce my name. "Please, enjoy your stay. Take shuttle bus to Samseong-gong tomorrow."

"Is there a building number or address I'm supposed to go to?" I asked, not understanding what he had said.

"Shuttle bus take you to Sam Sung Town," he said, exaggerating each syllable of Samsung Town.

I handed him two twenty dollar bills and said, "Kum-sam-nida," one of the few phrases I had learned, meaning "thank you."

"Chum-nao," the driver said, and slid through the front door of his car.

I assumed it meant, "You're welcome."

Rick pulled me through the revolving doors carrying both of our bags in one hand, and holding my hand with the other. I had assumed he had not slept on the airplane ride over, but now I was not so sure. He hurried me to the check-in counter, excitedly pointing at the grand staircase, and the glass elevators moving up and down at least twenty stories.

Rick gave our bags to a bellhop and asked, "Would you like to get a drink?"

"Sure," I said. Rick's excitement was infectious, and I wondered just how opulent the bar might be, given the rest of the hotel.

The bar was just as well appointed as the rest of the hotel.

"Our room is on the twenty-seventh floor," Rick said as he allowed me to scoot into the bench seat, before sliding in beside me.

"We must be on the top floor."

"Balcony suite," He said, with a smile.

I sat with Rick discussing our plan for the meeting the next day. He ran his hands up my legs under the table. I loved that he could not keep his hands off me, and it was a huge turn on that he was willing to show his affection right there for everyone to see. Each time I felt his hands glide over my knees and up my thigh; I inched forward in my seat, willing him to move closer to the molten furnace in my core. I just knew that If I could get him to move all the way up my leg, through the thin lace edge of my panties, he would feel how excited I was, how wet I was, and pleasure me right there on the spot. We sat beside each other and I had my hand resting on his leg. Each time his hand moved up my thigh, I squeezed his leg in anticipation. He was toying with me, but I liked it. I cupped my hand over Rick's crotch and felt the bulge straining the fabric his pants to the limit. I massaged his stiff cock through his pants until he let out a muffled groan. That was when I decided playtime was over. It was time to get down to business. Only the glass elevator separated us from our room, and I knew I could not wait that long to feel his cock in my mouth, taste him, and repay his earlier selfless gesture.

"Shall we check out our room?" I said, giving Rick my most devious smile.

"Stairs or Elevator?" Rick countered, with his own devious look.

"You know I just have to check out that glass elevator," I said as Rick took my hand, and we nearly ran out of the bar toward the bank of elevators at the center of the building.

As soon as the elevator door opened, I pushed Rick in and said, "I'm gonna get you off in twenty floors."

"Well then, get your freak on, girl," Rick said with a chuckle, as he pushed the button marked twenty-seven."

Before the elevator doors closed, I had his pants unzipped and his pants halfway down his waist. His stiff cock strained against the thin fabric of his boxers, and a tiny spot of wetness was already soaking through the dark material. I pulled his boxers down against the waist of his pants and his cock sprung upward as it broke free from its restraint. The elevator began its ascent and I dove onto Rick's glorious cock, pushing him backward against the glass. He moaned as I brought him into my mouth as far as I could, while stroking his base with one hand, and cupping my other hand around his balls.

I pulled away, continuing to stroke his length, while I looked through the glass of the ascending elevator at the people below. The thought that any one of those people could look up and see what we were doing any second sent a thrill through my brain. I felt I might have been as excited as Rick, getting him off with a time limit, and the thought that someone could look up and see us, or the elevator could stop at any floor before ours with people waiting outside. I went back down on him, rolling my tongue, first around his head, and then down his shaft as I brought him as far back into my throat as I could, while gently kneading his balls. He groaned again as I gagged, and I felt his balls begin to tightened in my hands. I knew he was almost there, and the thought released a flush of heat and wetness that made inner folds glide, slick as oil, against each other, making me even more excited.

"We're moving past the twenty-fifth floor," Rick said.

I felt his body tense, and he stepped in place. I immediately pulled off him, thinking the elevator was stopping.

"Don't stop," Rick nearly yelled, as he pushed on my shoulders, urging me to continue.

I moaned as I took him back into my mouth. His balls tightened again in my hands, and he starting moving his hips against me, fucking my mouth as a he moaned in response to me.

"Ooh, Wendy. Oh fu--" He suddenly stopped and moved toward the door.

The elevator came to a sudden stop and an alarm bell sounded.

"Don't stop. I'm gonna come."

I barely heard him over the sound of the alarm bell, but I felt his body begin to quiver and shake, and he was letting out a low moan that was building into some kind of indiscernible words. I pursed my lips as hard as could around his cock while sucking and rolling my tongue over and around his head. I covered the part of him not in my mouth with my hand, stroking and kneading, ready to milk him as he came.
The whole scene seemed surreal as he shuddered and came into my mouth, while spewing and alternating stream of "I love you" and profanities. The alarm bell was ringing in rapid succession that it assaulted my ears as one steady deafening tone. Rick's cock felt as if it was actually growing larger and harder as he gripped my shoulders and pushed himself into with each release of a forceful stream of cum. I loved the taste of Rick's cum, although most of it was shooting right to the back of my throat, denying me the pleasure of his salty taste.

His whole body seemed to deflate as he finished. I could hear him breathing hard, and I knew that I just gave him the best blow job he ever had. The thought of what it must have been like for him sent another flush of warmth and wetness through my pussy. I was so turned on, so wet, that my juice had moistened my inner thighs. They felt squishy and slick as I moved my legs together to enhance the sensation. I reluctantly hoisted Rick's boxers and pants up at once, folding his half-erect cock back inside, and zipping him up. He turned off the emergency stop, and the bell stopped, leaving a ghost ringing in my ears. The elevator continued its ascent to the last floor, until the digital light and ding indicated we reached our destination.
As the door opened to the twenty-seventh floor, I looked out into the corridor to see a small group of  hotel staff looking in on us with perplexed looks on their faces.

"Sorry," Rick said. "Pushed the wrong button,"

He took my hand and we left the elevator together, smiles from ear to ear on both of us. We chuckled and giggled together all the way down the hall to room number twenty-seven oh two. When Rick slid the key card through, and opened the door to our room, my jaw dropped for the second time that day. The room was beautiful, with crystal light fixtures and dark wood furniture. The place might have been bigger then Rick's apartment and mine put together.

Rick did not seem as impressed with the space as I was, and simply picked me up walked toward the open double doors leading to the bedroom.

"What are you doing," I asked, although I had a pretty good idea what he had in mind, and I was tickled.

"I'm taking you into that bedroom, so I can strip you naked and return the favor," was his response.

His statement sank into my core, and I was made wet again with anticipation.


If you liked this little taste, please look for this story to be released by the end of August. And, please feel free to comment, or just rant. I love the interaction.

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