Monday, August 8, 2011

Serious Kink

How many of you out there are into kinky sex? Don't feel like answering that question? Okay, how many of you out there like to read about kinky sex? Now I bet your starting to think about just what kind of kink you are willing to subject yourself to - in literary form, of course.

I was recently discussing a recent story I wrote with a reader. The story in question was my short erotic piece, Window Treatment, about a woman who discovers her desire for sex while being watched, or in public, after witnessing her neighbors in the act.

This reader said something that struck me as profound and insightful. In the course of a discussion about the upcoming sequel to Window Treatment, On The Crosstown Bus, the reader asked "What is it, exactly, that Wendy (my main character) likes about sex in public. You know, I never really gave it that much thought. In my story, the character just realizes she likes it. So, now I'm going to be writing that information into the next story. But, in order to do it correctly, I had to find someone that enjoyed this very thing, and could give me some idea of why someone might enjoy sex in public to the point of seeking it out.

This person was very upfront and told me the reasons she like sex in public was because of the excitement involved. The fear of being discovered or caught brought about a sense of urgency. She went on to say that the sense of urgency brought about a very high level of excitement - much more so than any other time. So, now I'm incorporating this reasoning into my upcoming story.

Another project I am working on is a story involving the melding of music with the sexual adventure. We all know music has the capacity to affect mood. I'm taking it a step further in my upcoming story aptly titled, Got The Music In Me, and making my character's playlist and integral part of her satisfaction. This story involves two characters from the story, Pleasure Doing Business, Reshonda and David. In this story, David and Reshonda have sent Michelle to a special school to become a dominatrix (another project in the works called Extreme Obedience) as a Birthday present. David introduces a new play toy into their "play" made by a company called OhMiBod.

BDSM collar back.jpgBut is any of this activity really kinky? I suppose that answer depends on each individuals standards and tolerances. In my research, I've covered everything from foot fetishes to figging. I've found that one common term covers the majority of the forms of serious kink - BDSM.

in my upcoming story Extreme Obedience, I delve into the world of BDSM that I touched upon in my story, Pleasure Doing Business. In researching this story, I found that BDSM really is a world in and of itself. A simple google search to wikipedia gave me a day's worth of reading material. I found that BDSM covers three interwoven areas of discovery. There is B/D or Bondage and Discipline. This is the part we hear about in songs with whips and chains. Next is the D/S side, or Dominance and Submission. This is where the roles of Top, Bottom and Switch come into play. Third is the S/M part, or Sadism and Masochism. Sadism involves inflicting pain or humiliation on another for sexual pleasure. Masochism is deriving sexual pleasure from receiving pain or humiliation. In addition to the two attributes listed above, BDSM also has a motto consisting of three words: safe, sane, and consensual. This means that all play must be consensual, and fall into some guidelines agreed upon before play begins. Even the S/M part cannot involve real pain that is nonconsensual or that could cause irreversible damage, or death.

Through my research, I've learned to applaud those praticing BDSM for simple enjoyment, even as a lifestyle choice. I will cover the concept, particulars, and secrecy of BDSM in my upcoming story Extreme Obedience. But if you want just a little taste of some of the basic elements of BDSM, then read my story Pleasure Doing Business.

I will be sure to post updates and new information on this subject in the future. All of my stories can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords.

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