Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let Me Thank You

Today I met a kind of milestone in independent writing and publishing. One of my erotic stories sold more than thirty copies in less than thirty days on Amazon. I know this may not seem like such a wonderful milestone to more established writers, but this particular story was just kind of sitting around collecting up a couple of sales once in awhile, until someone left a favorable review. It was then that sales started slowly increasing.

So, I would like to thank those that frequent my website and buy my stories with a freebie. I would like to offer everyone that found this, a coupon for a free download of my story, All the Right Places, from the Smashwords website.

Just follow this link to Smashwords and use the special code: TH65N (not case specific) at checkout.

Also, remember that I am offering the first story in my new Sporty Sex series, Fantasy League FREE at Smashwords and at All Romance eBooks, so get your copy today!

Please feel free to leave a review of my work or contact me for specific issues. I'm alway happy to accept criticism and make changes to insure my work is the best I can make it.


  1. That is an achievement Ellison. Well done, congratulations! Minor milestones can soon turn into bigger ones! I wish you every success in the future.

  2. Thanks Laura. I try not to use or set sales goals, but it's great motivation when I find these little positives.


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