Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wall Flowers

We've all seen them. Those poor souls that sit in the background, while the rest of us dance. Those sullen, downtrodden, often overlooked wallflowers that hang out in the shadows.

Well, I've noticed something recently. Sometimes those wallflowers perform wonderful feats supporting those around them. This same thing is true in fiction.

No matter what kind of story I write, I always have others to support my main character. In my opinion, these supporting characters act as a kind of scaffolding for the main character's journey, or decisions. But sometimes, those supporting characters step out of the shadows and demand their rightful place.

This is true with one of my own story lines, and is the reason for the delay of my sequel to Lovestruck Succubus. Oh, it's still in the works and moving along, but two minor characters from that novel have since stepped up and demanded their own story.

The two characters I write of are the two members that make up the hunter/seeker team chasing after Raif Lungren as he chases after Azra. Yes, Joe and Lexi Johnson are going to have their own story.

I'm currently drafting a story explaining how the two met, and how Joseph was turned from normal man, into shape shifting werewolf. I've had numerous readers tell me that they would love to learn more about these minor characters.

Well, I was beginning another story not long ago, and it just kind of started developing into a meeting/romance/suspense story involving how Joe and Lexi managed to meet, get themselves into mortal danger, and find a way out together, developing a life-long love of each other in the process.

So, you see. Sometimes the wallflowers do get their day in the sun.

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