Friday, December 2, 2011

A Story on its Own

My story, The Cusp of Libra has recently left the warm comforts of the Anthology, Fall Into Erotica to venture out on its own, in the cold, cruel world.

For those interested, I'm offering this story FREE for a limited time at the following links:

All Romance eBooks

This story may seem like just another piece of contemporary erotica on the outset, but I'm hoping that you will get the feeling as you read (if not from the cover image) that there is an undercurrent of the occult. The story starts out innocently enough as Shayla drives a winding mountain road on the way to visit her mother. It takes a sexy turn with she wrecks her car, and just when she is sure she'll be stuck to freeze in the elements, a tow truck comes down the road, driven by, not one, but two of the sexiest looking men she's ever seen.

Things turn a little strange when Shayla when the mother of the sexy twins gives her a room at the only lodging in town, and then asks her to participate in an ancient Celtic/Pagan ritual involving oils, massage, an altar ... and the twins.

Against her better judgement, Shayla is strangely attracted to the twins in a way that seems beyond her own sensibilities. Of course, you know this can only lead to mischief, and a whole lot of sexy fun.

Check out the story in it's free state before I am force to add a menial price of $ 0.99 at a later time. Of course, if you're feeling frisky, the story is currently available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble at the above price.


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