Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Big O

Why is it that a woman's orgasm is considered a scientific mystery, while a man's just a sloppy mess?

About three quarters of all women say they cannot achieve orgasm through coitus alone. Well then, isn't it time you try something else?

This phenomenon has been studied from all angles, and scientists have tried to explain it as everything from the distance one's clitoris is from the vaginal opening to the way a woman walks.

According to these studies:



Really, it boils down to genetics and, yes, I'll say it ... evolution.

While women have evolved to attract and hold onto a mate, men have evolved to inseminate as many women as possible, and as quickly as possible.

Okay, that's about as simple as I can make it, without confusing myself. I think that, for women, the big moment is a lot more about emotion and psychology than animal lust.

Does this mean that a woman cannot enjoy moments of sheer abandon? Hells no! I think it is more like, women have a greater capacity for emotion connected to sex than most men. Keep in mind this is all just my opinion, and not backed up by facts.

That's what I like to write about. Why not have a strong character who also happens to be a woman? What's wrong with a woman expressing her sexual desires, wants, and needs? Nothing!

In my novel, Lovestruck Succubus, my main character, Azra, takes this to a whole new level. She doesn't just desire sex, she needs it. It is sustenance to her, and orgasm comes in the form of satiation. Unfortunately for her, the big O also comes with an unwanted side-effect. She inadvertently sucks the life out of her lovers as she climaxes. For a man maybe that wouldn't be such a big deal, but Azra still craves a long-term relationship - love - over anything else. Can she ever find this? Find out for yourself with a copy of my novel today.

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Yeah I know. I couldn't help it. I just felt it was time for more selfless, shameless promotion. I hope it works.


  1. Funny thing, a lot of women would feel better if they would treat that 'headache' with a little open-thigh-therapy. It is sustaining, from the hormones released to the emotional connection, and it makes your whole life a little brighter. ;)

  2. Hi Ellison,

    I've never understood the G - spot people keep going on about. Numerous men have tried to find mine but without success. Externally I can come quite easily, but I think there's more chance of me winning the lottery than having a G - spot induced orgasm.

    Btw - your book's storyline sounds very interesting. I will buy it later and note it will be the first thing I'll read after I finish writing my second book.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Summer - I agree. I know someone who grew up in a strict Catholic environment, and was taught from early on that self-pleasure was sinful. What a shame to never learn about your own body. It's affected her relationships, and just about everything in her life, although with age, she's come out of her shell a little.

    Laura - Scientific studies prove that most women have a G spot but less than ten percent (I think it's closer to one percent) can actually reach climax through stimulation of that area alone. I say, duh, did they not take into account that it's more complex than that? I mean, who wants to be stimulated in one area alone? Isn't it so much better when one touches upon a few different areas, just to keep it fresh and exciting? Oh, and thanks for purchasing the novel. I guess a little selfish promotion is okay once in awhile.

    I'm waiting, with baited breath, for both of your books to come out. Summer, I'll be dropping everything (except seeing the new Stephanie Plum movie, One for the Money) to read your latest. And LK, you might as well be writing fiction because the way you depict yours travels is very entertaining.

    You guys should check each other's books out too.


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