Monday, May 7, 2012

Who Says you Can't Give it Away

I like to announce that from now on and forever, I am offering my erotic fantasy The Cusp of Libra free. that's right-FREE.

Just head on over to Smashwords and download your copy. It would be great if you might consider leaving a review when you get a chance.

This work should be free at Barnes & Noble soon, and I would ask that you might also consider reporting the free price to Amazon so it can be free there as well.

Here's the link for Smashwords: The Cusp of Libra at Smashwords.

And, here's a link for the book at All Romance ebooks: The Cusp of Libra at ARe.

Here's a sample of what is in the story:

She stripped her clothes off, sending a little thrill through her body when she accidently brushed her hand across her breast, the smooth skin on the back of her fingers plucking her rigid nipple. She was so sensitive, and it surprised her that she had such a reaction to Aiden and Liam. She could not remember ever having such a reaction to a man, never mind two men at the same time. But, something about the brothers affected her on a level beyond her conscious control. For the first time in her life, she was having vivid fantasies about these men when she was wide-awake.
Must be this mountain air, she thought, as she eased herself into the hot water.
The feel of the hot water enveloping her body, and the smell of the infused baths salts carried her mind again to thoughts of Aiden and Liam. This kind of thing had never happened to her before, and she wondered what it was that she found so attractive in both these men. Nonetheless, she liked the feeling, and welcomed the fantasy, as her hand floated across her breast, gliding smoothly over her nipple.
Her muscles relaxed as the hot water seeped through her skin into every curve and fold of her body. She closed her eyes and let the visions in her mind flood her thoughts. In her mind, Shayla saw Aiden and Liam, together somewhere outside. They were both completely naked and chopping wood. It must have been summertime, as their bodies glistened with sweat. The light played off their bodies, creating reflective light and dark shadows, in all the right places of their bodies. She felt her body responding to the movie playing in her mind—a warming in her breasts, and along her torso, all the way down into the deep folds at the apex of her inner thighs. Her hands found their way to her breasts, pushing across them until they reached the crest along the slightly raised surface of her areolas. The warmth on her skin turned to a kind of sexual fire, burning a path of electricity and need behind her hand's movements. She pinched the nipples on both her breasts, and the touch felt foreign, as if the sensation came not from her own tiny hands, but from Aiden's big strong hands. Her mind went into overdrive, fast-forwarding through the scenario in a flash of feeling and pleasure.

Her fantasy suddenly changed, and Liam was kissing her—opened-mouthed and passionate. Aiden was now circling her breasts with his big hands, running his thumbs across her alert nipples, tightening the skin around them more with every pass. Shayla felt somehow suspended with Aiden and Liam surrounding her. Maybe they were suspended as well, floating with her in some kind of symbiotic cocoon, devoid of weight or gravity. Fingers again pinched at her nipples, and the sensation shot to her core like a bullet. She felt the muscles loosen and then tighten inside her, seeking touch and relief. Her hand moved, as if on its own volition, down between her legs until she found the heat of her inner folds with her fingers, somehow hotter than the surrounding water. In her mind, her hand was Liam's hand, his fingers gliding slowly across the length of her slit.

Shayla was imagining Liam's fingers on her, blindly probing along her folds, while he kissed her. Aiden was still at her breasts, but now alternated from one to the other with one hand, pinching twisting, pulling, and brushing over them as she sank deeper into the brother's talents. Her mind was awash in fantasy so real she wanted to stay there forever. Liam's fingers brushed across her engorged clit and sent her heart rapping like a hammer driving nails into wood—five quick raps, so loud she could hear them as much as feel them. The rapping started again and the fantasy dissolved. Liam's fingers and Aiden's hands became her own again. She was no longer kissing Liam, but simply licking her own lips. A third rapping ensured the loss of her fantasy, as she clearly heard someone knocking at the door to her room.

 "Yes," Shayla said her voice low and rough. "Yes," she said again, this time louder.
"It's Maeven," she said through the door. "Supper is ready. Come down whenever you would like."

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