Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Little Help

Above is a mockup for my upcoming novel. I'm considering giving the book the title: Lexi's Run and liked the concept of the woman getting on the bus alone.

I'm looking for opinions, advice, ideas, or just suggestions on this possible book cover. Let me know what you think about the fonts used. Or, the font size or color. What do you think about the map superimposed on the ground below the bus?

I have my thoughts and reservations but truly would value some outside opinions. Please give me you comments, good, bad, or ugly on this mockup.

Of course, the quality of the picture would be better if I was not using a comp but I'm not sold enough to purchase the stock photo yet.

Again, please help me out and comment or email me with your opinions on this possible cover and title.

14 May 2012 upate

I've worked on the cover a little more and posted another mockup below. The title: Lexi's Run is kind of growing on me now but I'm still not sure if it completely fits the story.

Funny thing about how my mind works. Once I find a title for a story, it usually greatly affects the direction of that story. For instance, until now, I was the only one that knew this but Lovestruck Succubus actually started out as an attempt at a mystery. I was really going to showcase a police detective. As the story progress though, I thought of the title and that changed everything. The story became more about Azra, and her plight. At the Time, Raif could not possibly survive her charms so I made him into something that I believed could. And it just kept changing from there.

Anyway, please give this a look and post your thoughts in the comments section or simply drop me an email at:


  1. I really like the second mock up better. Something about the red 'Run' on the first seemed kinda... eh. I'm so excited for this story :)

  2. Thank you, Summer. I think I'm going to stick with something similar to the second cover idea. I wasn't sure of the title at first, but nothing better has sank into my brain lately. Plus, I think "Lexi's Run" will fit the story in the end.


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