Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Little Taste

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 Holly made the connection. Her mind was transported to the room next door. There was a body lying on a bed and she felt her soul, open and ready for communication. Her mind was let into the person easily but maintaining the connection would take all of her concentration. She opened her eyes and saw Katrina standing at the edge of the bed. She nearly lost her concentration at the sight of Katrina's beautifully luscious body, closing her eyes again to flush the sight from her mind. Katrina was a hard vision to push away. Her dark skin and curvy form was like a neon sign flashing take me, I'm yours. Nonetheless, Holly tried to imagine her as the subject while waving her hand at the camera for Doctor Mueller to kill the lights.
She leaned forward, her eyes still closed, until she sensed Katrina's abdomen, inches from her face. She was close enough to smell the essence of Katrina's perfume. She breathed in Katrina's aura, and it brought a fire to her senses. Reaching forward, she drew her arms around Katrina and ran her hands slowly up her back as she stood.
The room lights dimmed and the darkness brought a great sense of Katrina's body into her soul. Embracing Katrina, she focused on the subject in the next room, trying to deepen the connection with her and get a sense of her body. She needed to feel the subject's body in her mind. Finally, Katrina became the subject to her, and she knew, from this point forward, she would hold that connection using Katrina as the surrogate.
Holly allowed her hands to explore Katrina's back and neck until her fingers became entangled in her hair. She pulled the scrunchy from her head and Katrina's hair fell to her shoulders. Holly ran her hands over Katrina's shoulders and down her arms before bending to let her hands fall down her legs to her knees. As she bent down her cheek brushed across one of Katrina's extended and rigid nipples. It was warm across her cheek, seemingly producing a heat from some unknown source. She circled Katrina's knees twice before inching her fingers back up her legs along her inner thighs, barely skirting the outer edges of her pubic hair and upwards along her torso. Katrina sucked in her breath as Holly circled her breasts until her fingers skipped across her nipples.
Holly concentrated on maintaining her connection with the unknown subject in the next room. She projected the feel of Katrina's smooth skin through the air along a fragile, invisible string to her subject. She could not be sure the actual feeling was making it into the next room but was sure her connection remained intact. The thought of actually being able to influence this subject on such a personal level spurned her on. emboldened by her initial success, she leaned in and found Katrina's lips.

Just thought I would post a little taste of an upcoming story.

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  1. OMG! Ellison, this ideas is a-fucking-mazing! I demand to proofread for you (just so I get first dibs to read more). Wowza :)


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