Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bleeding Out the Last Word

It is finally completed. I've typed out the last word in the second story of the Immortal Desires series, Lexi's Run.

Okay, so maybe it is just the draft and still needing editing (which the real writing occurs) but the wait won't be long now. The cover design shown above is still tentative, as with the story title, although the title is growing on me.

After a few rounds of editing, I'll be ready to send advance copies of this story out to dedicated readers. If you would like to be a dedicated reader and receive an advance copy of this story, please sign up for my mailing list, or simply email me your request. Of course, I will announce this in a newsletter upon completion of editing.

Also, please do not hesitate to let me know if you have an idea for another cover concept or title. I'm currently working on putting elements together in some form that will tie all the stories of the series together-something like a border or caption.

I would also like to put a word out to Rasj Prophecy Sanders, a facebook friend and the person I see when I think of Joseph Johnson. Hang in there. I haven't forgotten about you. I will find a way to get pictures of you and use them in my cover art ... somehow.

Meanwhile, I'm back to work on what was supposed to be the second book in the series, Demon Among Wolves. As of this post, I'm in the early planning stages for the last book. I have a tentative title chosen of, The Last Lycan or The Last Lycan King.

Until then, live to the fullest, and never be afraid to seek for yourself, fantasy, intrigue, and immortal desire.

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