Friday, July 6, 2012

Radar Love, or Something Else?

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I'm probably giving away my age but here goes anyway. Way back in 1973, a Dutch rock band called "Golden Earring" released a song titled "Radar Love." Some of the lyrics went like this:
When I get lonely, and I'm sure I've had enough.
She sends a comfort, coming in from above.
We don't need no letter at all.
We've got a line in the sky.
We've got a thing that's called radar love.
This song always gives me the impression that the two lovers had some means of communicating beyond words. They called each other without the use of phone, letter, email, text, or twitter post. They were connected on a spiritual level.

Think about it. Wouldn't it be great if something like this were possible?

Ever feel like someone was staring at you but when you look, nobody is there? Some believe that is a form of PsychoKinesis or PK.

Many people believe this kind of thing is not only possible, but is something that exists within us all. Parapsychologists from all over the globe have dedicated great amounts of time and money performing tests to determine if one person could possibly communicate with, or even better, influence another without actual verbal communication or physical touch.

The phenomenon has been given many names: telekinesis, Psycho-Kinesis or PK, Remote Influence, Direct Mental Interaction with Living Systems DMILS, among others. Personally, I consider the prospect of remote influence very interesting.

There have been countless studies on this subject involving everything from staring (remember The Men Who Stare at Goats?) to skin reactions. Many of the studies had varying results but some were positive enough to warrant additional study, or even training, in an attempt to foster one's ability in such a matter.

Now, you know as a writer, I could not just leave well-enough alone on this subject. I wondered just how far one could go with this. Is it possible to influence another through tactile stimulation? Could one establish a mental or spiritual connection with another? Could one person remotely stimulate another ... sexually?

In my upcoming story, Surrogate, I explore these questions, and take the possibilities to the next level. To gain more insight, check out this story, written for the Geil Clinic series, scheduled for release on or before 12 July 2012.

Or, if you simply cannot wait that long, Surrogate is available now through Smashwords by clicking this link. I'm even offering it FREE until release day using this coupon code: KZ54K

Hope you enjoy this story. I certainly enjoyed thinking about all the possibilities remote influence might bring, while writing this short (11 thousand words) erotic tale involving four women, a clinical study, and a breakthrough in remote influence of the most intimate kind.

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