Thursday, September 19, 2013

Help Make It Free

Okay, so I don't normally like to ask favors, but this favor will benefit many.

As many know, I offer about half my catalog for free. Trouble is, Amazon is being excruciatingly slow at price-matching one of my titles in order to make it free like at all the other channels.

So, I'm getting on the bull horn, making the call, putting on the bat signal, and asking for your help.

The title in question is Surrogate, and I would much appreciate it you might consider going to the link to the book's amazon page here, and doing that "report a lower price" thing located about midway through the page.

If this will help, here are links to the title at other locations:

Barnes and Noble
All Romance ebooks

Please feel free to also use pricing from KOBO, Diesel, or ibooks if you would like.

Thanks in advance for helping me make this short piece of erotic fiction available to the masses at the greatest price ever-free!


  1. Are you sure you want to offer it for free? I mean, nothing wrong with $.99. I'll click on the linky for you, but an author should normally get something for their time and effort in writing and publishing the novel.

    For me as a reader, I buy lots of e-books from .99 to 2.99 and consider it a mark of author pride to charge something after the promotional period.

    Just saying . . .


  2. I've offered this story free at all other channels since its publishing. It was part of an anthology project that did not take off. I just recently realized that it was not free at amazon. Actually, it is one of my favorite stories although some might be uncomfortable with it. It deals with Sapphic lust and elements of telekinesis and mind control.

    Thank you for reporting the lower price on this for me.


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