Sunday, October 20, 2013

Coming Soon

I am pleased to give just a little tease to a new series coming out soon. Here's the concept for the first story, A Feast of Fools.

Keisha Sims has been a very bad girl. So bad, in fact, that she's left a trail of bodies and broken hearts all the way from Montana to Atlanta, Georgia. Leonidas, the pack leader in Ellijay, Georgia, suspects she's on her way to to settle a score.

He calls on Lexi and Joe to track her down and apprehend, or kill the rogue werewolf if they must. They are not too happy about the task being given to them before they even have time to consummate their union, but it is the job they signed up for as part of the bargain to allow Joe, a feral, to join the pack.

Will Joe and Lexi be able to track her down before she makes it to Ellijay and exacts her revenge? Will they even bother when they find out why she seeks revenge--and that her anger is directed toward Leonidas?

Stay tuned for a sneak peek at the next book in the series, A feast of Passions.

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